We manufacture all aluminum sand scoops, all aluminum water scoops, screen beach scoops and screen sand scoops.
We have been manufacturing sand, beach and water scoops since 1981.
We have a large selection of pirate flags, pirate treasure chests and pirate goodies too!

Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc.
2003 West McNab Rd. #10
Pompano Beach, Fl. 33069

Phone 1-954-971-6102
FAX 1-954-971-0575

Ordering line 1-800-876-6102
Tuesday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)
Friday 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. Saturday 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday
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Satisfying Customers Since 1980

Fisher Metal Detectors

Teknetics Metal Detectors

JW Fishers Uderwater Metal Detector Technology

Find elusive sub-gram nuggets on land & underwater!

SDC 2300 Gold Prospecting Detector

The SDC 2300 is a high performance mid-range gold detector, perfect for chasing down those elusive sub-gram nuggets on land and underwater. This compact waterproof detector comes with easy-to-use controls and is assembly-free.


Gold Nugget Detectors & Gold

Prospecting Supplies
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Accessories & Search Coils for Fisher, Garrett, Minelab, Tesoro, & Teknetics Detectors

Digital Gold Scales

Electronic Pinpointing Probes


Minelab Accessories

RTG Aluminum Sand Scoops
RTG Aluminum Sand and Water Scoops

RTG Sand Scoops - Reilly's Treasured Gold
RTG Sand and Beach scoops

RTG Royal Water Scoops
RTG Stainless Steel Scoops
RTG Lightweight, Monster & Hercule scoops

RTG Beach Baskets

(competition side baskets)

more sand scoops
More sand scoops

Digging Tools
Digging tools, trowels, coin probes,
coin pouches and coin aprons

RTG accessories
Pirates and Reilly's t-shirts
Treasure hunting books

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Accessories & Search Coils for Fisher, Garrett, Minelab, Tesoro, & Teknetics Detectors

View our range of pirate flags and wind socks

Pirate flags & wind socks

arrr pirate goodies
Argh! Pirate Goodies for
kids & pirate parties!


Pirate signs
and other pirate goodies

pirate hats
Pirate hats, wear them in style

treasure chests
Treasure chests &
Pirate coin replicas

pirate signs
Metal Pirate signs


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We are sad to announce that...

Kevin Vincent Reilly, 54, of Pompano Beach, died peacefully on April 26, 2009.
Happy-go-lucky and kind-hearted, Kevin loved spending time with his family and will forever be remembered
for his infectious belly laugh. Kevin was our dearly loved, good natured Jolly Mon.

Kevin was the founder of Reilly's Treasured Gold, a successful 20-year-old company in Pompano Beach
specializing in the manufacturing of his innovative sand and water scoops and metal-detecting equipment.
Kevin also authored two books on treasure hunting.

Reilly's Treasured Gold will continue to do business as usual in memory of Kevin.

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